I diskovrd a neeto old movie that haz a kast of so meny faymus moovee starz u kan wahtch it too. It's funnee.
The Stolen Jooles


I don't understand why everyone is now wearing muzzles were they bad?

They saed that it becuz virusz. I did summath. The maask fabrik haz holz for air. About 25,000 virusz can go right thru thay r so smawl. I's like dis pitchre idrew of tictaktow the boxes are like the holez in the fabrik i placed a red dot like a virus can yu see it in the opsn box with no x or o? I wrote this on a hanky that I place ovr my snout. This is not a tick tak tow game.

Th'atz the size, they go rite thru and virologists don't really have a mechanism to prove a virus causes diseezz 33 min in. I pushed 9,999 through each of the O's and remember the O's are in the middle of the howl n the fabrik and remebr the linz r the thread in fbrik. I'm twellin awl my frinds to take off their masks. I wish pow-i-ticinz would do that so we can see how they lie through their teetf.

I am a bear of color. My daddy is a not bear of many cowlrs. Sum rwhite. White is the hardest color to match if you have to tuch up your bicwycikl if a it gets skratched. That is because white has ALL the colors of the spektyrum. So my daddy is a not bear but he iz of color too.

Yu kno wat I don't like the newer big huge tawl white wind mills anymore now that I found out that sometimes when the propellers are spinning they might be USING ENERGY instead of making it and they exaggerate how much homes can be powered. Unicorns fart green energy all day that is what powrz the plnet.

This is green energyEevwil electric companies take mom and mom's money this way. Then they give that money to rich people.

Taht means i get no bike this year for Thanksmas and fewer presents for my birthday.

They call it fake clean energy.

Mommee and daedii both prefer clean cuwlrles nuclear

I made 2 anew frendz tooday. David Crowe.com was intervyouing here and here and I am awlso frendz with Kevin P. Corbett.com HOO is teetching me thingz eye nevre new about letting go of things.

My friend David Crowe died. Im sad. Why do peopl d ie? Before he died he tawkd about fuzzy concepts. https://infectiousmyth.podbean.com/2014/02/

We awl went swimmingg lsat weekend watch us play then i went to church cuz it was open by owr pastor. Today we went swimmeng again in Txas.

Where's my old friend Carbi hiding?

Here is my favorite cake request

I need to do something fun  

I think this is the correct way to build a zoo

I sometimes check the date here

An elephant never forgets to clean his teeth using discarded Christmas trees

There is nothing more comforting than a cheese omlet

I once whent to Joshua Tree park in Caliwestifornia which was at one time owned by Mexicans then by Americans then by Mexicans again and I found a magazine there from the year 2019. That was quite a long time ago. There was an article about a shutdown and damaged trees and a tyrant. A wise old hoot owl there is still living in the park. He lived through that period and told me we need more human families living inside the park. This helps maintain a balance as they look out for their yards and their trees. Rangers go back to the city after work and after 20 years get pensions and never look back.

check out my magic candle

smart elevator

bear returns dumpster

I was told to go out and play with my freindz.


also visit  by fuzzy bear

Fuzzy Bear lives in a world all your own and politicians world in a live that is out there past Neptune. They tell us things like "we are building the plane while we are flying it".

Critique of weird--19 "science" (also in Czech, French, German, Spanish, Korean)

They say "Carbon Dioxide" forms blankets in the sky and we have to build wind spinners to blow the wind better so heat can be cooled by frigid space, i don't think sooooo

Someone is out there trying to tell us that 1 piece of carbonated oxygen thread amongst a room full of 2,499 other pieces of dust floating in the air is going to form a blanket, i don't think sooooo