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  I don't like wind mills anymore now that I found out that sometimes when the propellers are spinning they might be USING ENERGY instead of making it and they exaggerate how much homes can be powered by This is green energy5 times what they can really do and they take mom and dads taxes and redistribute them to rich people and that means I get no bike this year and fewer presents at Christmas every year and green energy is actually more like dark grey or black.

Where's my old friend Carbi hiding?

I went to Joshua Tree park in Caliwestifornia which was at one time owned by Mexicans then by Americans then by Mexicans again and I found a magazine there from the year 2019. That was quite a long time ago. There was an article about a shutdown and damaged trees and a tyrant. A wise old hoot owl there is still living in the park. He lived through that period and told me we need more human families living inside the park. This helps maintain a balance as they look out for their yards and their trees. Rangers go back to the city after work and after 20 years get pensions and never look back.

Favorite cake request

I need to do something fun  

I think this is the correct way to build a zoo  

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An elephant never forgets to clean his teeth using discarded Christmas trees

There is nothing more comforting than a cheese omlet


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